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Explore the beautiful and pristine beaches of Kerala

1. Kovalam beach

With a coastline that sprawls 17 km between three different beaches, Kovalam is a sandy stretch of tranquility dotted with fun seaside activities. The Lighthouse beach gets its name from the 118 feet old Vizhinjam lighthouse towering over the beach from the Kurumkal hills. With its majestic rock promontory, Hawah beach is a canvas of blue, and sets an impressive stage for sunset-gazing. The Samudra beach is less commercial; early mornings bustle with local fishermen prepping their fishing nets while singing together. Apart from swimming, you take a catamaran cruise or go surfing in the sea. An 8th century rock-cut cave temple, three kilometers away,will satiate the history buff in you, and if you’re on the lookout for more, there’s Kovalam art gallery not far away. Find time to relax in one of the Ayurvedic salons; let the waves of rejuvenation wash over you.


2. Muzhappilangad beach

A 4 km stretch of gleaming amber awaits you to take a drive with waves splashing, hair flying and face to the Sun, just like in the movies. Asia’s longest drive-in beach and Kerala’s only one is on the Malabar Coast. To get here, you have to travel 7 km from Thalassery, Kannur. The beach is laced by black rocks that prevent strong undercurrents, making it swimmer-friendly. These rocks are a natural habitat for blue mussels, a must-try delicacy in Malabar. Birdwatcher alert! Another interesting detail about this beach is that it’s been attracting migratory birds during winters, a lot of them first-time visitors, too.A hidden gem for the better part of the century, Muzhappilangad now has an array of resorts along with some beach adventures, like parasailing, microlights flying and catamaran cruise. After a dip, head straight to one of the beach shacks for a heady fare of the legendary Malabari treats.


3. Marari beach

If the waves at this beach were to get lyrical, you could serenade to them. Nestled close to the Vembanad lake in Alappuzha, the Marari beach is one of the calmer and less-crowded beaches in Kerala. An early morning walk is perfect to un-clutter your mind; a dip in the warm sea with the sunlight slyly sliding in will be a delightful start for your day. A little ahead of the shoreline, a crowd of coconut trees swaying in the light breeze will give you the nod for a hammock, if you are equipped with one! Or, spread a picnic mat, pour yourself some coffee, and watch the camaraderie of the fishermen readying their boats to set out into the sea at the crack of dawn.


4. Varkala beach

Standing atop the bewitching red sandstone cliff and gazing at the Varkala beach is almost like casting a spell of magic. The only beach in the country with a cliff alongside it, the vantage point is definitely not to be missed. There are stairs that will lead you down to a beautiful coastline spotted by coconut palm trees. A 2000-year-old temple close to the beach will satiate your quest for the cultural; legend also has it that the natural spring, which the Varkala beach is known for, has curative properties and will purge you of all the sins when you take a dip in it. After ample splashes of history and drizzles of local myth, you can try your hand at one of the restaurants or breezy cafes that line the cliff, barbeque or beverage, it’s your pick.


5. Kappad beach

A 45-minute drive from Kozhikode, flanked by scenic backwaters, leads to the historically prominent Kappad beach. The Portuguese navigator, Vasco da Gama, is said to have landed on its shores in 1498, changing the commercial and historical landscape of the state forever. This beach is one of the best-kept promises along the coastline, the rock-studded shore, golden sand and clean surf make it every sea lover’s dream. If quiet is on your mind, Kappad is just the picturesque getaway you need. For the inquisitive mind, there’s an 800-year-old temple atop a rock structure near the beach. Walk by the beach and find small shacks that make hot snacks and the classic lemon tea; sip it while taking in the salty air of the sea and the warmth of a cozy vacation.

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